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How to Stay Productive When Studying From Home?

Due to COVID-19, most of our work /studies have shifted online, which can lead to a fall in our daily productivity due to a changing work/study environment. Here’s how you can ensure you remain motivated, active, and productive while studying from home as per the top Information Technology College Banur.

Create a Comfortable Study Spot

Start by designating a particular area or room in your home as your study space. This space should be free from all distractions and clutter. It should make you feel active and alert with plenty of natural daylight and proper ventilation. Avoid studying in your bedroom as it’ll make you feel sleepy.

 Get Out of Those Pajamas

Trust us, if you stay in your pajamas and lazy t-shirts all day with unkempt hair, you will soon start feeling lethargic and uninspired. Choose your clothes as you would on any normal pre-pandemic college day. You can skip fancy clothes, but make sure whatever it is, it is comfortable and presentable as it would help you feel happier and more energized.

Make a Schedule and a To-Do List

Do not underestimate this important time-managing task. Chalk out a proper schedule for your whole day. What time you’ll get up, exercise, have breakfast, lunch, dinner, naps, breaks, study, and relax. Prepare a timetable of sorts for your study sessions. Make a to-do list and keep striking off tasks that you get done with. It will be extraordinarily satisfying and will motivate you to be more productive.

Take Notes

With online learning, you may be tempted to skip taking notes as you have the luxury of rewinding and pausing, but don’t do so. Always takes notes even if it’s just a pre-recorded lecture as it will help you in enhancing your focus, memory-retention, and critical thinking skills.

 Take a Break

You may be in the comfort of your home, but you still need a break, in fact, more so. Studying for hours on end can prove to be counterproductive, freezing your brain. Take short breaks to indulge in some recreational activities or to just let off the steam. Talk to your friends, watch some movies or TV shows, cook, or work out.

 Virtual Study Sessions

Missing your friends? Form a virtual study group with your buddies through Zoom, Facebook, or FaceTime. This way you can go over the course material together, help each other understand concepts, and test each other’s progress. You can also participate in online discussion groups to feel the spirit of classroom discussions. This will make you feel less lonely.

It can be challenging to adapt to this new way of living, but staying hopeful and optimistic can help. As one of the leading Engineering College Near Chandigarh, we advise you to follow these tips and keep your efficiency up.

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