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International Programs

Faculty Exchange Programs

This program is designed with the aim to provide exposure of global education towards students and faculty, Under this program the SVGOI campus welcomes tutors. Under this program the SVGOI campus welcomes tutors from different parts of the worl and the faculty of SVGOI also visits the different colleges/universities of the world.

Student Exchange Programs

Student exchange program provides opportunities for students to explore the academics in the various colleges/universities of the world for a specific period.We also provide learning platform for students from around the world to study in india.

Study Abroad Programs

The study abroad program is designed to create full time stuty opportunities for SVGOI students to pursue their further studies in various countrires of te globa. For this our expert faculty guides students in terms of course selection and completion of other requirements.

About International Relations Cell

SVGOI have established a special international relations cell to connect the diversified global village. The internation relations cells at SVGOI is giving the students of SVGOI the much needed exposure towards the the globals education trend and it is working to bring the global education trends in the SVGOI campus as well. International relations acell organizes various global online and offline events every year so that SVGOI students can network with students and faculty of college/universities from different parts of the world. The International relations cell has grown its network in 13+ countrires of the and have engaged cultural activities involving 50+ nationalties of the world. The cell create tons of opportunities for the students to learn in various cultural and academic spaces through different type of education programs. The international relations cell at SVGOI have also opened the doors for the students from 13+ countrires to study the rich academics of SVGOI. Each year more than 800+ students study at the campus of SVGOI.

Our International Partners
Inbound exchange programs
Outbound exchange programs
Collaborative Reaseach
Global Partnership
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