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Our Vibrant

Your Culture is Who we are
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Identifies With You
Unique Heritage
Cultural Diversity
Student Harmony

The healthy Global cultural campus we have at SVIET is very well known. We have already focused on creating a friendly, learning and interactive environment for various students coming from different cultures. Our various internation partnership and associations helps us to provide our students an experience of the most enriching global academic exposure. With the help of our international links, we were able to create, for our students, a successful, safe and culturally diversified way of learning and growth.

Identifies With You

In Touch With the traditional Culture

For us, culture is a process that keeps us humble and rooted in the culture. Our Vision to maintain our cultural heritage during this era of globalization where the culture never ramains the same. SVGOI has organized cultural events froms time to time,where the student of SVGOI have prepared engaing cultural activities. Our talented students always prepare activities that are beyond the imagination to express cultural beliefs. The student of SVGOI are all from different parts and regions of the world,which makes the cultural events even more special. we provide you a cultural heritage with a touche of modernity.

Embracing Global Heritage

Having such globally cultural nationalties at our campus represents the highest from of solidarity, which allows us to provide a platform to celebrate and honor Unique herita] of every nationality. Annually SVGOI organizes the cultural event representing various cultures and nationalties by organizing celebrations for the respective culturas and nationalties.

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