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Top 5 Emerging Careers for Engineering Students

Due to constant advancements in science, new learning and career avenues are evolving, and here are some of the most rewarding and creative careers in science for engineering students according to one of the top 5 Engineering Colleges in Patiala.

Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning

Robotics is the branch of science that deals with building robots. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a computer science field that involves developing computer programs, smart machines, and systems that think and process like a human to do tasks like a normal human being would do. A lot of today’s technologies make use of AI and machine learning to develop more efficient, resourceful, problem-solving, and personal systems and technologies. An emerging field with a vast scope, it is expected to create a plethora of jobs in the coming future.

Big Data, Data Analytics, and Data Science

All your online activities involve and create data. This data is huge and complex, and requires Data Analysts, Big Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Data Managers to organize, sort, process, analyze, and interpret its meaning and significance. Organizations need this data to draw inferences and understand trends and patterns which help them in making important decisions. This field presents highly lucrative learning and job opportunities.

Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking

As a lot of our activities and businesses have shifted online, it has made the threat of cyber attacks and security issues all the more common. An ethical hacker is a computer science expert who dives into a company’s security system to identify threats and weaknesses and removes them, thus enhancing its online security and safety. Ethical hackers and cyber security experts are in huge demand by both government and private agencies.


This branch of technology deals with the designing and manufacturing of aerospace vehicles, satellites, space shuttles, aircraft, and missiles. It involves not just designing and manufacturing but all the aspects of building and developing the required software, technical, and electrical components. This field ranges from aeronautics to astronautics and is seeing huge developments and technological advancements, both nationally and internationally.

Environmental Science and Sustainable Development

With our environment facing a new crisis every day due to persistently unsustainable human activities, it has become imperative to work towards its preservation. And Environmental Sustainability Science prepares people to do just that. Experts devise intelligent yet sustainable ways and technologies to prevent and minimize damage to the environment and manage development that doesn’t compromise ecological balance and preserves resources for future generations.

The most fascinating thing about science is that it is advancing rapidly every day and is presenting the world with new branches of study and innovative careers never heard of before. So, follow these trends and build a successful career for yourself by choosing the college with top placements in Punjab.

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