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Your Guide to Choosing the Right Engineering College

Engineering is a widely popular field of study and profession for many, as it unlocks a world of opportunities for students. Here are some helpful tips to aid you in selecting the best engineering college in Punjab.

Choose Your Preferred Stream

Before you dive into your search for the perfect college, you must be clear about what you want to pursue. It should be something that inspires you so that you are motivated to learn. There are many branches of engineering to choose from, like civil, mechanical, chemical, electrical, computer science, electronics, information technology, etc.

Categorize the Colleges

Prepare a list of the colleges on your radar. Now sort them into different categories. These can be based on the likelihood of getting an admission – most likely, likely and least likely; based on merit – best, average, and below-average; based on financial cost, location accreditation, and so on.

Criteria & Priorities

Jot down all the important criteria and your priorities. This will clear out a lot of confusion concerning which college you should choose. You can list out the pros and cons based on these, and you will get to know your priorities. Some of the important criteria are:

  • Degrees and courses offered
  • Location
  • Admission and tuition fees
  • Faculty
  • Infrastructure
  • Campus Life
  • Social Life (College Clubs/Societies)
  • Student Bodies
  • Placements
  • Reputation
  • Research & Innovation Capabilities
  • Accreditation
  • Industry Exposure
  • Hostel/ Student Accommodation
  • Alumni


This is a major factor that influences every student’s decision to choose a college. Try to find out what degree of industry exposure you would get at every college as it equips you with the in-demand practical skills and knowledge. Ascertain how many companies/recruiters visit each year, what kind of companies, their names, the average package offered, students hired, placement record, industry tie-ups, internships, etc. as it plays a very important role in kickstarting your career.


Every college offers some kind of scholarship to its students based on different criteria, purposes, and reasons. Do thorough research on this aspect as well. If you are a meritorious student you are likely to secure a good scholarship for yourself. There are other scholarships as well. Like, we are offering a special COVID-19 scholarship to those students whose parents are financially impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.


You need to decide how far you are willing to move away from your comfort zone. Some students wish to stay closer to their socio-cultural roots and demographics. Others want to move to a place that is new and full of opportunities to explore life. You would also want to be mindful of how developed the place is where the college is located – infrastructurally, economically, and socially. So, geography and demography play an important role here.

Campus Tour

If possible, try to visit the campus once to get a vivid and first-hand idea of what the college premises look like, regardless of whether you will be staying on campus or not. Take a proper tour of the college grounds, labs, research centers, sports facilities, lecture halls, and interact with students and faculty.

As one of the leading institutes in Patiala, we know that zeroing down on your favorite college can be overwhelming, as your entire future hinges on this critical decision. But with careful research and planning, you will be sorted.

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